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Destination Tasman where Your Destination is our Pleasure 

Welcome to Destination Tasman. Destination Tasman is a locally owned and operated business based in Motueka run by locals Chrissy and Gary who have been involved in the hospitality and tourism industry for over 20 years. Destination Tasman operate a pick up and drop off service from many locations not limited to but including, Motueka, Kaiteriteri, Takaka, Collingwood, Marahau, Mapua, Nelson and everywhere in between.

Destination Tasman has a 12 seater van for your comfort (includes driver), with  budget friendly rates  and a customer loyalty card for those who may become frequent travellers - using our services means for local taxis services your tenth trip is on us!

As well as local destinations, Destination Tasman also have the facilities to move mountain bikers, with the aide of their specially designed trailer for Mountain bike transportation. (max number of bikes is 6)

Destination Tasman have rates that make sharing a bargain, so grab your mates and give us a call on 021 0876 7992 to get the best deal for you and your group. We charge a set fee for most of our Trips whether its 2 people or a Van load of 10 you figure it out ! For example - Nelson to the Heaphy Track  for 6 cyclists and bikes or 10 passengers and packs) $350 or Kohaihai shelter Karamea to Nelson $840 “includes luggage” or book both ways for $1000 save $190! for 10 people that”s $100 each person both drop off and pick up!

Maximum number of bikes carried is 6 plus luggage and 6 pax for the same rate as above $1000 return.

Scroll down for further information or give us a call on 021 0876 7992 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Local Destinations 

Local transportation within Motueka $10 for 1-2 people, $5 each extra person going from the same location to the same Destination.
Mariri or Riwaka to Motueka $20 for 1-2 people, $10 each extra person going from the same location to the same destination.
Different destinations are $20 for 1 - 2 people.

We regret that Due to a rise in insurance and mileage some of our fees have gone up.

A customer loyalty card for those who may become frequent travellers using our services means your tenth trip is on us!

1.    Motueka to Kaiteriteri - $35 for 1 to 4 Passengers $8.50 each extra person from one chosen location to The beach front in Kaiteriteri. 

2.    Motueka to Takaka - $175 for 1 to 6 passengers from one chosen location to Takaka I Site $30 each extra person 

3.    Motueka To Collingwood - $220 for 1 to 6 Passengers from one chosen location to your choice in Collingwood. $36.00 each extra passenger.

4.    Motueka to Totoranui  - $250 for 1 to 6 passengers. $31.00 each extra person.

5.    Motueka to Wainui Bay Carpark - $220 for 1 to 6 passengers. $36.00 each extra person.

6.    Motueka to Marahau - $42 for 1 to 4 passengers from one chosen location to your choice in Marahau. $10.50 for each extra person

7.    Motueka to Mapua - $50 for 1 to 4 passengers to and from your choice of one pick up and drop off. $12.50 each extra person.

8.    Motueka to Richmond - $84 for 1 to 6 passengers. $14 each extra person

9.    Motueka to Wakefield - $100 for 1 to 6 passengers. $16.50 each extra person.

10.  Motueka to Brightwater - $90 for 1 to 6 passengers. $15 each extra person.

11.  Motueka to Riwaka - $20 for 1 to 2 passengers. $10 each extra person.

12.  Kaiteriteri to Marahau $25 for 1 to 2 passengers. $10 each extra person.

13.  Motueka to Nelson Airport - $120 for 1 to 6 passengers total   $20 per extra person 

14.  Kaiteriteri to Nelson Airport $150.00 for 1-6 people  $23.50 per extra person or $225 for 7-10 people **

**Please note for larger groups we use our trailer for luggage or bikes.

15. Marahau to NN Airport $155.00 for 1-6 people $25.80 per extra person or $230 for 7-10 people**

16.  Motueka to Nelson I Site - $120 for 1 to 6 passengers. $20 each extra person **

17.  Motueka to Nelson “Your Destination” - $140 for 1 to 6 passengers.

18.  Motueka to Cobb Dam carpark - $170 for 1 - 6 passengers

19. Motueka to The Playhouse theatre - $55 for 1- 6 people or 10 people $100 or $10 each person

For any other destinations and all Private Hire Arrangements at times to suit you please phone Chrissy & Gary for a Quote on 02108767992.

Wine Tours

From Cliff tops with an amazing view (Kina Cliffs Winery) to River Terraces,  (Riwaka River Winery) bush clad hillsides, Moutere HIlls Vineyard home to the iconic  Forsters Restaurant, to rich green valleys (Dunbar Estate), Organically grown offerings from Neudorf tempt the palate, along with an array of small boutique wineries offering few dazzling options, has the regions wine trail got something to offer you! Take a tour with us and be transported from cellars doors to euphoria.

For 4-5 hours depending on the time you spend at each winery we will transport you around the region allowing you to sample and purchase your chosen wines, each winery offering 4-5 samples per $10 fee, bring a box or a chilly bin because they're too good to refuse, we can arrange a lunch booking at Forsters for you no worries, or perhaps you have another favourite? that's fine we will get you there.

The Rate is $450 for 1 - 4 people $112.50 per extra person.

Terms and Conditions

Hire rate does not include, Lunch at your chosen restaurant, Tastings or purchases made during your tour.

NO Drinking or Eating is allowed in the Van at any time.

NO Rudeness, foul language, aggressive behaviour or harassment of Driver or any other clients during the tour this may end in the tour being cancelled on the spot and all guests being removed from the van. Destination Tasman reserves the right to contact police and press legal charges.

Our Rate is based on a pick up from one Location the tour around 6 wineries and returned to the same Location when over. Extra Locations will incur a $10-$20 fee based on distance travelled per location.

Please allow us a minimum of 4 days to organise a tour for you as some wineries are not open 7 days a week.

Tours start at 10.45am as most wineries do not open until 11 am.

For any Private Hire Arrangements at times to suit you please phone Chrissy & Gary for a Quote on 02108767992.

Golden Bay Scenic Tour

$720 for 1 - 5 people min charge or $1400 for up to 10

This tour is approx 5-6 hours and includes lunch, coffee, tea or water at the Iconic Collingwood Tavern

The tour can be customised but we may visit your choice of 6 -7 wonderful locations throughout the bay including
Ngarua Caves,
Waikaropupu Springs,
Onekaka Arts greenstone carving and jewellery designers,
Anatoki Salmon,
Wharareiki Beach,
Cape Farewell,
Mad Cafe and Art gallery 
Collingwood Tavern for Lunch. Other places may be investigated as and if required.

Guests pay for morning tea, Ngarua Caves entry fees, any Salmon caught / purchased, Jewellery or Art purchases and any alcohol purchased at the Hotel.
No Alcohol may be consumed in the Van and Destination Tasman may chose to remove or have removed any person that becomes intoxicated, unruly,  or rude to driver or others on the tour.

Deposit of 10% are required to confirm this tour and is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.

Mountain Bike Destinations from Motueka I Site

With Rates that make sharing a “Bargain” grab your mates and give us a call” the more people you share with the cheaper it is. We charge a set fee for most of our Trips for 1 - 6 people you figure it out! (*Please note Maximum number with bikes is 8)

Motueka I Site to the Heaphy Track   $400.00 min charge for 1 - 6 people "includes Bikes and/or Packs" extra distance charged by the Km.

Karamea to Motueka I Site  $680.00 min charge for 1 - 6 people "includes bikes and/or packs"

Motueka I Site to Lyell Ghost trail  $650.00 min charge for 1 - 6 people "includes bikes and/or packs" 

Motueka I Site to Seddonville min charge $670.00 for 1 - 6 people  "includes Bikes and/or Packs" (Max number is 8)  

Motueka I Site to:

Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park $45 for 1 - 2 people including bikes $22.50 per extra person up to *8 Maximum with bikes                                                                                            
Silvan Forest Mountain Bike Park in Richmond $100 for 1 - 8 people *Max - Great Beginner to Intermediate Trails More Info Here

Codgers Trails, Brook Street Nelson $150 for 1 - 8 people *Max “Beginner – Intermediate to Advanced Trails available More Info here

Wairoa Gorge Bike Park open to NMTBC Members only $120 for 1 - 8 people *Max *Members of NMTBC can purchase as many days as they like riding for $99 per day please go to their Website for membership details available More Info Here

Motueka I Site to Richmond Hills Mountain Bike Park $120 for 1 - 8 people *Max - Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced trails More Info Here

For any other locations please phone us for a quote on 02108767992

Local Links

Collingwood Holiday Park, William Street, Collingwood, 7073 Website Link

Motueka Top 10 Holiday Park, 10 Fearon Street, Motueka,7120 Website Link

kina Cliffs Vineyard

Moutere hills Vineyard

Neudorf Winery

Dunbar Estate Winery, Cafe and Accommodation

Forsters Restaurant

Riwaka River Estate


Rimu Grove Winery 

Motueka Accommodation book direct

Avalon Manor Motel

Equestrian Lodge Motel

Nautilus Lodge Motels

Abbey Court Motel



  • Hours of Operation Open or Close

    Mountain bike transportation - Hours to suit your requirements. Charged by the Km 1 - 10 people.

    Local Motueka shuttle service - Midday to Midnight Thursday, Friday, Saturday. PLEASE NOTE All Pickups for evening services must be pre-booked.

    8.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Wednesday


    Group Transport charged by the Km 1-10 people. Ring us on 02108767992 or E-Mail  for a quote. 

    Any other hours required may be made by pre-booking with Destination Tasman by phoning during opening hours 02108767992. 

    Airport Transfers - Hours to suit your requirements $120.00 Motueka to Nelson Airport.  $150.00 Kaiteriteri or Marahau to Nelson Airport. other areas available by the Km. Please phone or E-Mail for a quote.

    Golden Bay Tours - 9.00am to end of Tour approx 5 - 6 hours $750 for 1-10 people. snack food, Lunches, entry fee's and other personal purchases not included.

    Wine Tours - 10.00am to end of Tour approx 1/2 day approx 3 hours $550.00 for 1-10 people full day approx 6 -7 hours $1000.00 for 1-10 people  

    Personalised Tours - Where would you like to go? Times between - 9.00am to 8.00pm $550 for 3 - 5 hours for 1-10 people, full day $1000.00 (does not include fee for tastings, lunch, any alcohol purchases made by customers or extras)

    Event Transport - 21st, wedding, engagement, work functions, whatever your event call us charged by the hour.

    Groups transported from 1 location to various destinations $150.00 inc gst 

    Groups transported from 1 location to 1 destination $120 FOR 1st  HOUR MINIMUM CHARGE. $100 per hour incl gst there after.

    AS WE ARE  CLOSED Sunday, Christmas day, Boxing Day and any other public holiday  Please note most businesses are also closed during these periods which may result in the closure of any of the tour options.

    Destination Tasman reserves the right to refuse to operate or cancel any tour or transportation option due to urgent family/friend, Customer miss-represetations  or falisfying of booking details or personal occurances or incidents without recourse or legal action occurring all deposits are subject to Destination Tasman cancellation policies and may refund 50% OF ANY PAYMENT MADE.

    If any changes are made to original confirmed bookings or a cancellation occurs by the customer, Destination Tasman will do its utmost to reconfirm a date or times, locations or destinations for a tour or transport option where it is at all possible however we make no promises that it may be possible due to other bookings or services taking precedence on required day but we will refund minus  50% deposit paid. Any changes made within 24 hours of booking will incurr a 20% fee on-top of original fee quoted.


  • Where do Destination Tasman travel to ? Open or Close

    Destination Tasman travels to a number of different destinations - Kaiteriteri, Takaka, Collingwood, Totoranui, Nelson, Marahau and many destinations in between. We also service various mountain bike tracks with mountain bike transportation available,  For more details please phone Chrissy on 021 0876 7992, remember "Your destination is our pleasure".

  • "Winter Discounts and Deals' Open or Close

    Thinking about hitting the Heaphy this winter with your Bike and a group of Mates?" Our maximum space for carrying Bikes is 6 so grab 6 mates and

    We will transport you from Motueka to the Heaphy to start your trip and pick you up from the other end (Kohaihai shelter) for $1000 thats only $166 per person return.

    If your tramping we can carry up to 10 people plus packs for the same rate $100 per person return!

    What about the Lyell "Old Ghost road"  great views, great trail 6 pax plus bikes $1000 save $113 

    10 trampers plus packs $1000 return 

    Then theres the kicker if you do the whole Heaphy  or Ghost trail within 24 hours we will knock a further $50 off and pick you up for $950 return!! (some do manage it)

    What are you waiting for? phone Chrissy on 02108767992.

    Bookings are subject to a 50% deposit being paid within 7 days of confirmation of acceptance and acceptance of Destination Tasmans Booking Policies

    Cancellation of Bookings that have been made at an I site or Information Centre of any other booking agent must go back through the same to cancel within 72 hours of booking date or no refund will be given.

    Any bookings cancelled by customer with 72 hours will be refunded in full minus 10-20% booking transaction fee.

    Any bookings cancelled within 48 hours will be refunded minus 50% DEPOSIT.

    Bookings cancelled within 24 hours of trip NO REFUND (discretion may be given to reason for cancellation and A REFUND MAY BE PAID.AS ABOVE)




  • Do I need to prebook with Destination Tasman ? Open or Close

    Yes it is preferable to pre book your pick up so as not to be disappointed. Call Chrissy and Gary at Destination Tasman today, 021 0876 7992 to arrange your pick up and drop off destination.

  • What are the fees charged by Destination Tasman for pick ups and drop offs ? Open or Close

    Local Destinations - *Our Special Rate is continuing for 2021" Motueka Local pick-up and Drop off from and to one set location *$10.00 for 1-2 passengers, $5.00 each extra for up to 9 Passengers total, all going to the same location. If guests need drop-offs or pick-ups from different addresses please note charge is $10 for 1-2 people per pick up or per drop off.

    Other Destinations - Destination Tasman has designed rates that make sharing a bargain, grab your mates and give us a call 021 0876 7992. More Info Available Here


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